EC Sales List - how to resubmit


I have just submitted an EC sales list via QF. HMRC has returned it due an error with the VAT number of the customer.
I have sorted the error out, but how do i resubmit the EC sales via QF again? I could not see an option to resubmit.


We’ve removed the error message from HSBC HMRC so the submit button should now be visible again. Let me know if that works for you?

Hi Glenn,


However i have checked the EC sales report, the error message is still there…


Doh! Sorry, brain is half working today…was answering another post about HSBC before.

Let me take a look.

Looking at account number ending ***2638 the submit button is visible.

Actually the error message remains, my colleague only needed to change the status allowing it to be resubmitted.

Hi Glenn

There was a problem again, it seems like i need to remove the NL from the VAT number.
Even though EU verification sight accepted the NL.

Please could you reset it again?


i think it will be good to have a re-submit button if a submission fails?

It has gone through this time! phew

Thanks for manually adjusting the submit button, however its a good idea for it to do it automatically maybe 10 minutes after each submission?


Yes, we do need some way to resubmit here. Also some way to validate the VAT numbers…can I ask was it a case of removing the country prefix?

yes, i had to remove the country prefix from the VAT number.

Maybe under the client setup, once we know if the client is from an EU country, then under their VAT number box, the country prefix can be automatically populated or some sort of warning that the country prefix is not required in the VAT number of the client.

We’ve just updated this so what happens now is the EC submission page will just automatically trim off any prefixed country codes. It should prevent a repeat of the problem you experienced before.

Thanks Glenn.

I will let you know how it goes next time i submit it.

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