EC Sales List period vs Vat period

Hi all,
I wanted to activate EC Sales List but I have just noticed that my periods for VAT and ECSL are different.
Vat: June, July and August
ECSL is from 1st July to 30 September.
Is it a big problem?
there is no option to set up ECSL periods only VAT.

Hi @awariat

Unfortunately if the periods are different, you’re not able to submit them through QuickFile at this time.

Ok Thank you. Should I call them to change ECSL period? for me is better to have the same as well.

If your VAT period matches the one for ECSL, then you can use QuickFile. If you speak to HMRC, then they may be able to change this for you, but it may be best to discuss this with them.

ECSL quarterly reporting are the same for all businesses so all you can do is change the VAT stagger to coincide with the ECSL.

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