EC Sales List / VAT Return Confusion

I’m a little confused over the EC Sales List functionality.

I just submitted my first VAT return through QuickFile and then had a wave of fear come over me when I saw the two boxes at the bottom post-submission:

Total value of supplies to other EC states exc VAT - £0

Total value of acquisitions from other EC states exc VAT - £0

Forgive me. I’m unfamiliar with EC Sales Lists in general but am registered because I sometimes receive payments from a VAT registered Dutch company.

Since I have not received said payments within this period I believe the £0 figure of supplies is correct but…

I do regularly buy advertising credit (my business is online advertising) from 3 or 4 different VAT registered EU businesses and I’m now left wondering whether “Value of acquisitions” should be reporting those spends?

I was under the impression that submitting EC Sales Lists was only for services and goods provided by myself to another EU VAT registered business and the onus was on them to make such reports with my VAT number when it was the other way round?

Of course I could be very wrong. If so - how might I amend this and resubmit?


Data will be populated in the EC sales list when the supplier is marked as “VAT Registered in another EC Member State”. I don’t believe this is the case on your account, which is why the EC Sales list isn’t binding with any figures.

If you have already submitted your VAT return to HMRC you can manually apply any adjustments to the next VAT return. Just make sure to document any adjustments you make.

Thanks for the quick reply Glenn.

I think my biggest problem in hindsight is actually recording the data how I need to in the first instance.

Although - with regards to advertising spends I think I am safe as my interpretation of the guidance from the HMRC VAT submission form suggests this kind of recording is for physical goods rather than services or similar.

“Please note: Do not include the value of the supplies of services received from other EC Member States.”

I hope so anyway!

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