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EC VAT EXEMPTION - API incorrect calculations


We created an invoice in QuickFile and checked EC VAT Exemption. The invoice is displayed correctly with all calculations in the QuickFile system.

When requesting the invoice details for that invoice via API we receive incorrect calculations for Line Totals.

For example in the Line total in the invoice we have 244 but in the API we receive 186.37.

Another line total would be 159 we receive via API 121.45.

We have 20% VAT shown in the invoice and in the API request so the calculations do not match for extracting VAT by mistake.

The TotalAmount is correct in the API and in the QuickFile system.

So 2 questions on this situation:

  1. Why are the calculations incorrect? Am I setting something incorrectly? Considering the invoice looks good I presume the API should return the same.
  2. Is there any way from the GetInvoice method of the API to get that the invoice has EC VAT Exemption? The CreateInvoice method has this parameter but the GetInvoice does not return this information.

Thank you.

Did you get any replies to your question?


I have received no answer to the above question.

Thank you.

Hi @gfieraru

Apologies about that - this seems to have slipped passed us!

I will query this with my colleagues and come back to you shortly.


Found the exact issue:

If client has the option “VAT Registered in another EC Member State” checked in the Client details, when we issue an invoice the “EC VAT EXEMPTION” is shown on the invoice which is correct.

Let’s say we have Total sum 100 for the invoice.
One service of 100 and Total for line 100.

When using the API and the Method Invoice_Get the LineTotal is incorrect 89.

On the actual invoice everything is correct.

Why would the LineTotal be ~11% smaller than the Total?

That sounds like a currency issue - 100 EUR is (currently) just under 89 GBP.

Thank you for the reply. I checked all invoices with this issue and all figures are in GBP. No EUR involved.

In the API reply also the invoice has only GBP.