EC VAT Exemption - Not VAT registered

Just just doing some practice using Qick file
I am not VAT registered
Created an invoice to a company which is VAT registered and a VAT item shows up on the invoice I created in red;
EC VAT Exemption 0.00
Should I just remove the customers VAT number from his record or does this really need to be there.

If you’re not VAT registered turn off VAT accounting all together (in the company settings area). You don’t need to account for VAT, doing so when not VAT registered will muck up your P&L and Balance Sheet. Just enter all figures gross.

VAT is turned off (no tick in the box) and always has been. That is why I couldn’t understand why it showed up and as EC VAT Exempt in red.

That particular client had EC VAT Exemption switched on, although yes your account as a whole had VAT switched off.

EC exemption can only be switched on when the VAT is on, are you sure it wasn’t temporarily enabled at some point? Either way I have now removed those flags so your invoice should look OK now.

As far as I can recall VAT was never switched on in my account. Thank you for the help…

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