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EC VAT returns

I know it is a long shot, but may other users face the same difficulties …

At the moment I have to do additional VAT returns for AT and IT.
Are you thinking about any features that would help to prepare these additional VAT returns based on invoices ‘Out of VAT scope’?

Maybe an option to select the country related to when an invoice is out of GB VAT scope.
Then providing a report that shows all invoices (purchases and sales at once) sorted by country …

Do you actually send the QuickFile invoices to your Italian and Austrian customers or do you use other software to produce VAT invoices to their authorities’ specification?

If you don’t actually have to send the QuickFile-generated documents to your customers then you can achieve what you’re after with a combination of custom nominals and project tagging, but it will mean showing the Italian or Austrian VAT as a separate line on the invoice in QuickFile instead of putting it in the VAT column.