Ecommerce customers want to see the Stripe fees on their invoices


I run an ecommerce platform and take 1% fees from the sales of my customers via stripe.

When stripe pays, all fees are grouped by stripe and then paid out in lump sums, this is how stripe deposits the money.

However, recently as it’s coming to the accounting period, some customers are asking for a receipt for this.
Typically, if they had stripe connected to their own accountant package, our fee would be included in stripes own fees, but instead customers are doing it the manual way of downloading stripes invoice, which doesn’t include our fees.

So, some customers are asking for a receipt for the 1%.

I know how to pull the data from stripe and create an invoice with a correct amount, but I don’t then know what to do in terms of marking the invoice as paid - because it has already been paid. But it’s been pid within lump sums, and these lump sums aren’t divided into different customers.

Hope someone can help, ideally someone in a similar position.


Hi @tom_44,

If you have already accounted for your 1% fees and raised invoices for your own records for totals rather than per customer then if you are being asked to invoice the clients this would be duplicating things for you.

If I am right then you can simply raise an invoice in order to send it to them and then credit this invoice off as you have already accounted for it elsewhere

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