Ecommerce - Your feedback would be appreciated


First of all I would like to thank to the creators of Quickfile for providing such a great tool. It’s very intuitive, I think i got the hang of it in one day and I am looking forward to discovering more advanced features.

I would love to have your feedback about the way I’ve set up my Quickfile account before I input more data.

I have an ecommerce business. We sell on several marketplaces Ebay / Amazon UK / FR / IT / DE / US / CA.
We’ve been trading for 5 months and we’re about to reach the VAT threshold so I need a bookkeeping solution which will enable me to separate the transactions into UK / EU / Rest of the World. (we’re planning on using the normal VAT scheme).

I have set up one merchant account for each marketplace we sell on.
I have set up 3 nominal accounts for sales: UK Sales / EU Sales / ROW Sales

For Ebay transactions, I download a report of our sales from paypal and sort them by country. I do subtotals for each country then upload the details on Quickfile. I create an invoice/payment for each country then tag the payments to sort them into one of the 3 nominal sales account.

For Amazon, things are a bit more straightforward as each marketplace sells mainly to their domestic customers (99.9% of cases) so at the moment I just input the total sales and total fees on each merchant account then tag the sales to sort them into one of the 3 nominal sales account.

What do you think? Do you have any advice? If you are the owner of an ecommerce, I would be interested to hear how you keep your records, particularly how separate sales which are liable for VAT and those which aren’t .

thank you


I can’t go into too much detail as it is beyond the scope of this forum to provide in depth accounting methodology. However the basic principle here would be to setup a merchant type bank account for each of the Ebay and Amazon currencies with which you are trading in.


Amazon EUR
Amazon GBP
Amazon USD

Amazon collect and hold your funds so think of them in accounting terms like a bank. Any Amazon sales go into the respective merchant account and when Amazon remit funds to you it would be treated as a transfer from the Amazon merchant account to your current bank account.

This guide should be a good starting point but needs to be separated out by currency in your case.