ECSL for services (box 8 is zero)

I have also a situation where i cant see EC Sales List as box 8 is for goods only, and in my case i supply services. So my box 8 is empty but i still need to declare my EC Sales list quarterly. How can i do it via Quickfile?

Hello @sabtaxconsulting

Currently, if box 8 is empty, there isn’t a way to submit the ECSL through QuickFile. You would need to do this through HMRC.

Yes, I Understand, but where I find date to ECSL services - amount and numer VAT?

Hi @sabtaxconsulting,

If it hasn’t been brought through to your VAT return under box 8 then there isn’t a way to do this within QuickFile. There isn’t an option for Services, this is something you would have to report outside of QuickFile.

If you can go through and apply a project tag to all your services sales that need to go on your ECSL, then the information you need will be obtainable from the CSV files you get when you do an account backup, though not all in one convenient list.

You’d need to filter Sales_Invoice.csv for the right date range and the project tag in order to get the list of all the relevant invoices1. Regardless of what currency you’re invoicing in, the TOTAL NET etc. columns in this CSV are the GBP amounts. You should be able to use an Excel pivot table or similar to sum the invoice amounts grouped by CLIENT NAME, and cross-reference that with the Client_Ledger.csv to get the VAT numbers and country codes.

1 instead of the project tag you could maybe just filter for invoices where the CLIENT COUNTRY isn’t GB and the TOTAL VAT is equal to zero, which should catch the overseas B2B sales without including any B2C ones where you have charged UK VAT as normal.

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