ECSL integration and submission

I am a new member so hope this is posted in the correct place.
I have just activated the VAT Sales list function with HMRC Government Gateway (ECSL). I have tried to use the submission option within Quickfile but it won’t submit and I get the following error message:
EC Sales submission to HMRC failed.
System : The ‘’ element is
invalid - The value ‘RG8 8BS’ is invalid according to its datatype
’String’ - The Pattern constraint failed.

I can obviously enter the information directly into HMRC but would appreciate any advice as to what needs to be done to get the integration function from Quickfile working.
Thank you

Assuming this isn’t an error on the Quickfile end, which it often isn’t, it would appear that your postcode is either incorrectly entered or doesn’t match something. Recheck all of your details at both ends.

Checked and postcode is correct everywhere I can see.
HMRC does not use the postcode for filing purposes and postcode is correct everywhere in Quickfile…?

Going on the basis that the VAT settings screen asks for a postcode I would assume that it is used. Have HMRC got the correct postcode filed?

Have found and fixed the problem. Space in middle of postcode in Quickfile but continuous string at HMRC.
Should have spotted this before really but sometimes you don’t spot the obvious even when it is staring you in the face. All working now - thanks for help.

@maggsvintage I was about to suggest the same! Glad you fixed it.

It’s probably going to affect other users, so a simple solution in future would be for us to just remove the space before submission.

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Thanks Glenn,
Great idea about automated removal of the space. I also got caught out by the country prefix (NL) but found the answer in another thread.
I have to say that I have been really impressed with Quickfile since starting to use it. I have a very small Limited Company (just me!) and it is perfect for my needs.
Thought I would give a bit of positive feedback instead of a problem.

Kind regards,

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Thanks Steve, I really appreciate the feedback.

Glad to hear that QuickFile is a good fit for your business!

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