Edit invoice after payment is received

A description line needs an edit, client has paid but cannot see how to edit it, he needs a reprint with the correct description. thanks

Go relevant invoice and click on modify Invoice icon at top

there is no click on modify invoice
i have printed it out and marked it paid
went back in to alter description line but will not let me
need to get it out to client this am…

Are you clicking on invoice number itself or client name?

on invoice number, but no modify comes up!

You should be able to modify paid invoices. The only exception to this is if it has been reconciled to a VAT return or it is in a locked accounting period. Is this the case here?

am not charging vat, so that not involved
how do you have a locked accounting period?

When you complete your year-end it would lock all transactions up to that date. What invoice number are you trying to modify?

000348 need to change to front brake pads
that is all but as he is selling car he want it perfect!

system should let you modify, not sure why is that happening. Other option for the time being is convert pdf file to word, edit it and then convert to pdf again

will that give me a new inv number?
so i will have to raise credit note?

how do i do pdf and copy back?

OK I forgot to mention another scenario that would lock the invoice and that is if you have a credit note attached to it. This appears to be the case here, if you remove the credit note, the option to modify will reappear.

To save you the bother, I’ve added the additional ‘s’ for you :smile:

glenn your a star thank you for that

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