Edit Invoices for card Payments


Wanted to know if it would be possible for the client to edit the amount for the invoice they are paying. So if the invoice is for £100 and they can only pay £50, is there anyway of them changing the amount? As few of customers would like to pay just a deposit, and for this reason I have to create several invoices as they are not able to pay in one go?
Obvisously the amount will not be higher then the actual invoice.


Usually I would just tag the payment to the invoice which would leave the outstanding balance there to be tagged later when the remainder is paid. There is no need to alter the invoice totals.

But once I have created the invoice for the customer, and when they click on “payonline” with sagepay, they amount shown is same as invoice, they are not able to change the amount. Most of my customers can not pay by card in one go, so I wondering is there any way, that once they click on “payonline” they see the invoice amount but they can choose how much they would like to pay?


We can certainly consider this as an optional feature. I will leave it open as a feature request for others to comment or add their support.

One problem may be when multiple invoices are selected for payment. If a part payment were to be applied, to which invoices would it get attributed? We have several options here (listed in order of complexity).

  • Only allow part payment on single invoice payment requests
  • Apply part payments to earliest invoice first
  • Allow amounts to be allocated to specific invoices