Editing bank account payment of locked invoice

Trying to change the bank account of a payment previously locked as part of a VAT return using the feature shown here A quicker way to change the bank account a payment is linked to

I posted it as a bank transfer to current account, and it should have been a cash payment.
The drop down box works for the payment method but not for the bank account. ie I can select “cash” but I cant select “petty cash” - just no drop down response.

have you locked the account from editing during the period this transaction is>?

Yes as the item is locked into a VAT return the option to move the bank account has been restricted. Although I don’t believe there’s a good reason to restrict as the underlying amounts aren’t affected.

I will PM you to get the exact transaction and change this for you, I will also log this with our developers to be changed.


This restriction has now been removed from the live system. You can now change the bank account for payments that are VAT reconciled.

great thanks!

If only every software developer was this responsive!

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