Editing erronous transaction entries in imported Paypal/Bank statements


I have imported my personal PayPal account into Quickfile as it holds some business related transactions.
However all transactions are logged as Money Out. Apart from deleting the erronous entries and correcting them manually, is there any way within Quickfile to change an entry logged as Money In to Money Out and vice versa within imported bank/Paypal records.



How did you import the PayPal transctions? Did you use the automated feed or did you import from a CSV? If you imported from a CSV did you select the appropriate option in the bank import page?


I imported a CSV file from my personal PayPal account. Then deleted the non business related transactions.
I used the ‘Other’ option because when i tried the PayPal Merchant account option I received a error message ‘Cannot find column 12’. I will add that I have successfully uploaded csv file from my PayPal Merchant account with no problems. The PayPal account Iam having problems with is my personal PayPal account.

I solved the problem. My personal PayPal account has a different format than my merchant account. I used the ‘Other’ option then selected checkbox '2 columns for Money in /Money out the transactions where than uploaded into the correct columns.


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