Editing invoice CSS?

Hello there,

I’ve been reaching through some threads on here, which seem to point to an option in QuickFile for a CSS editor which is to be applied to invoices.

I can’t seem to find this, and can only locate the main invoice editor, where you can select parts of the invoice to turn features on/off.

Do you still have a design-level editor for invoices, or should I inject the CSS into one of the text boxes on the invoice (ex: the footer)?


Hi Layton,

If you view an invoice preview (any onvoice - draft, sent, paid etc), there should be an option in the top left corner ‘Invoice Styles Gallery’.

Click this button and you have a range or templates, or you could customise them and edit the css itself.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the button for reference. Sorry if it’s not clear - I’m working off a phone at the moment!


Thanks @Parker1090 - I found it in the small hours of this morning.

Having seen that screenshot before, it looks as though “Invoice style gallery” should be in the dropdown for “Sales”.

Nowhere in any of the documentation, or at least not to my sleep deprived eyes last night, could I find where to find the button being described - it’d make sense to me for this to also appear as part of the invoice editor in settings.

Alas, all sorted now - onwards to try and make the invoice work with their blasted PDF printer.


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