Editing tagging rule while Creating a new Purchase or Sale

While tagging a bank transaction using "Payment to a supplier"
then "Create a new Invoice…"
from the “Create New Purchase” pop up we can tick the box to "Create a rule to process matching transactions in the same way"
And the system selects the text from the bank transaction to use in the new bank tagging rule.
For the past 2 years on half a dozen client accounts, nearly every time this text is auto selected I have to edit it by going to the Bank tagging rules, opening the new rule just created then change the text to a more suitable selection of the transaction to prevent wrong aut tagging as it had auto selected the first common part of the transaction like “FASTER PAYMENTS RECEIPT REF” which most transaction start with.

It would great if we could edit that system selected text in that pop up, as soon as system automatically selected it.
Better still, a selectable option in the settings that when selected, instead of the system auto selecting part of the transaction text, it showed the full transaction text so we could edit it from that original pop up, for the most unique part of the text that will avoid wrong auto tagging for those future transactions.

The above request also applies for Sales.


Thank you for your suggestion. As with all feature requests, we’ll leave the thread open for other users to add their comments and support

I also agree that this is something that would be helpful. I also have the same issue with incorrect tagging. Would be neat, if you were able to amend the transaction text when setting up the autotag feature from the bank tagging screen.:smiley:

I would also like to have this facility of amending the wording when creating an auto tag rule during the initial tagging of bank transactions.
I too have had to change wrong auto tagging, due to the system selected common text that could not be edited when it was initially set.

The system just uses the first part of a bank transaction for example many Santander transactions start with common phrases like this one,
From that transaction Quickfile selects the following,
but the first part is the same for most faster payment receipts show on Santander bank statements, but I need it to be
"FROM PayPal"
as that’s the common wording in all my payments from paypal.

Simply being able to edit what the system selects would enable me to change it to “FROM PayPal”