Email failed to send! Check email format is valid (solved)

Dear Quickfile Community,

Tonight when sending out invoices I started receiving this error message: ‘Email failed to send! Check email format is valid’
It comes up when I try to send invoices to new clients and so it does when I try to send out invoices to our regular clients who received dozens before. I haven’t changed the email template, the format, or anything whatsoever. Tried to retype the adresses, but didn’t help. Has any you guys had the same problem? Have I done anything wrong?

Any help is much appreciated.

Hi, Just to let you know you are not alone, I’m having the same problem and I also have had no problems before.

Apologies, it seems the mail server got a little backed up earlier. We’ve reset the mail server and it now appears to be running fine.

Hi I’m still getting the Email failed to send! Check email format is Valid
Like other users everything has been fine but had the same error message for the last two days tried it last around 4pm 26/11/2013 still not working. any help would be appreciated.



The mail server appears to be running fine, I’ve just tested this myself. I can also see a lot of other emails going through fine. It may be happening for a different reason, are you able to share the invoice number you are trying to send?

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