Email Invoice to client and CC myself

Hi, emailing the invoice direct to my customer and CC myself as worked every time until today. I haven’t changed any settings. Do we have a glitch going on. My customer did receive the email but why didn’t I get it. Cheers.

Hi @steveshorrock

Sorry to hear you’re not receiving the email.

Can I check firstly, do you have a Power User Subscription? If so, there’s a mail report you can view to check whether this has been sent successfully or not.

Yes we do have the power subscription, it worked okay this morning when I sent a statement out and CC myself.

If you go to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Sent Email Log, you should see the emails there.

There are 2 things to look for here:

  • If the email shows as “Blocked”, it’s because we’ve had a bounce back (e.g. full inbox, unknown email address), and this will prevent mail from being sent for a while. How long depends on why it bounced.

  • If it’s showing as “Sent”, then as far as we can see, it’s been sent successfully, and likely to have either gone to spam or been blocked before it’s hit the mail server.

Who is your email provider? Is it a generic provider (e.g. Google), or a private one (e.g. your own)?

Its a private email, our company one. Okay thank you I will check things out, cheers.

If everything looks OK in QuickFile, it may be worth speaking to your email provider to see if there is anything showing up in their logs.

But either way, let us know how you get on :slightly_smiling_face:

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