Email Invoices Failing To Send

I can no longer send invoices to clients or myself for that matter. When ever I try I get this error message. The email addresses are correct so I am not sure what is wrong?
Email failed to send. Check email format is valid.

I checked you account and you appear to be using your own SMTP server. Have you changed your password there recently?

I’m having the same problem , only the email message is sent and no invoice is being received … I don’t understand smtp , what does that mean ? I drive a truck … it was fine until the log in parameters changed then it started . is there a settings reset ?

Hi Glenn,

Thank you that seems to have fixed it, I’ll need to check it has been received okay the other end though. Can that error message be changed? If it had said it couldn’t log onto my email server I would have remembered to change the password!

Yes the error is misleading I’m afraid. I already logged this with our developers so hopefully we can take a look and return something more meaningful.

@hyperspacial usually when invoices are sent from Quick File an email is delivered with a link to the invoice (no attachment). There is an option to send attached invoices (as a PDF) but this must be manually enabled for each client. I’m not sure what you mean by “Log in parameters”? Did you modify the email template in any way? I will send you a private message as I can’t locate your account.

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