Email invoices not arriving


I have created a test customer account on my new quickfile setup. I have raised an invoice and emailed it to “my customer” (me at another email address) It hasnt arrived. I have sent a message to the same email address and this does work and can be replied from etc.

I have set up so that emails send via my mail server.

Any ideas?



Are you sending it from an account that exists, or something more generic like

If it’s an account that exists, check the sent box. We use gmail (Actually Google Apps, but effectively gmail), and a copy always gets saved in our sent box


I’m sending if from my sales@ email account. I have my own webserver space and administer my own email accounts so it is set up and working as a fully functional account. I have checked the sent mail on the server and it does not show there. The messages are arriving okay although they appear to come from nick@ (my registered email) not sales@.


Have you contacted your mail provider? I just did a quick test to send myself an email via your SMTP, it appeared to connect and send but I’ve yet to receive anything my side.

Either those mails are getting quarantined by your provider (perhaps as a precaution) or there’s some delay with their processing, it’s definitely leaving QF though.

There are a number of things that can trigger spam filters. With so many fake invoices getting sent these days you might have a rule that catches them which is creating false positives. Try removing the word “invoice” from the message title.


Got it sorted now. Typo again! (A little bit dyslexic!)

Thank you to all.


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