Email reminder to pay for Purchases


I just wondered if it’s possible to set up email reminders/alerts to users (such as myself) to pay for purchases on the date they’re due in the same way that my clients receive credit control reminders when their payments are due?

E.g. I receive an invoice on the 1/2/18 due for payment on the 1/3/18 - I enter it in Quickfile under purchases and it appears in ‘Money you Owe’ - could the system then email me on the 1/3/18 (or the day before) to remind me to make the payment?


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Hi @samuel

There isn’t anything in place at the moment, but I’ve moved this to the #feature category so we can track interest in this.

I’d be inclined to say that some sort of internal notification would be better than emails, otherwise if your suppliers send emails too, you’ll end up being flooded with reminders.

It’s an open forum however - so all suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

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