Email replies

When I send a purchase order and the supplier replies, the email is now coming to me via

I have my email entered in the ‘Routine emails reply-to address’ field in the settings and indeed emails used to come straight through to my email address.

Can anyone please adevise why this might have changed?

Many thanks.


Emails were changed a short while back, but in a nutshell, each account now has a unique email address which we use for handling replies.

When we send an email from your account to a client (e.g. a new invoice) we’ll accept replies to this unique email address. When we receive them, they’re forwarded straight on to you.

This was changed from using any email address for the “reply-to” address, as this was being flagged up by spam filters. In some cases, clients wouldn’t receive the email which caused problems for some of our users. Likewise, when we send you an email, we’re not able to use your client’s address as a reply address, which is why we include it at the top of the email.

Hope that helps!

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