Email to client bounces

Hi there,

I have a very odd email issue with a single customer.

The particulars are:

  1. All QF emails to bounce with
    Error Type: SMTP
    Error Description: No mail servers appear to exists for the recipients address.

  2. All QF email sent to anyone does arrive without issues.

  3. Any email sent from our domain or anywhere else to is delivered without issues.

I am the admin of the Kerio Connect mail server at this and have checked and double checked all technical aspects and cannot find any flaws at the receiving end. This has been puzzling me for some time now as the oddest mail delivery issue in years of managing mail servers. has been substituted for the real domain name.
My QF Account is 6131404192. A good point to start would be the Estimate #E100062 sent 26/09/2013 22:28 to nick.harper (which bounced)
and sent it again 26/09/2013 22:32 to malcolm.harrison (delivered - no problem)

Please help to figure this out.
Many Thanks

Have you tried sending a generic email from your own email client to

I did notice that you started to input your own SMTP server in Quick File but this was never activated. You can see this in Account Settings >> 3rd Party Integration >> SMTP Settings.

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