Emailing documents to Receipt Hub, some attachments missing

I usually upload all my receipts directly from my scanner which sends them via email to Quick File and also CC’s me in. I have just uploaded 10 receipts so an email with 10 jpg images was sent. I received all 10 so the email was sent OK but Quick File only showed me the first 5 attachments. For some reason the last 5 disappeared. The total email size was 5.2mb.

No major issue as I can upload the remaining 5 again if they are permanently lost but I thought I’d mention it.

When emailing documents to the Receipt Hub as file attachments, the system will only process a maximum of 5 attachments per email. This is to ensure the system remains stable as allowing users to email large numbers of documents will negatively affect performance.

Ah, OK. I looked through the help files and only found references to sizes of uploads, not amounts of attachments. Must admit I only scan read most of them though so apologies if I missed it.

No problem… we’ve just added a notification response email if someone emails more than 5 attachments. We’ll also get the help file updated.

I find this limitation a little frustrating. If I forward emails from my clients, it simply grabs all the pesky JPGs from the signature and not the PDF attachment that I actually wanted.

Is there a way to forward from Gmail that will exclude the signature images so that QF imports the PDF?

I would imagine that the vast number of invoices received by email are not JPGs. Could you perhaps exclude this file type or allow users to decide by checking an option in account settings?

What do you use for email? I can send emails on in Thunderbird as plain text or HTML. Forwarding an email as plain text strips all of that crap out and just sends the PDF as the attachment, the JPEGs in the sigs and wotnot are not sent as they are only dragged in by the HTML.

We do receive quite a few .jpg attachments through the inbox, as people tend to take pictures with their camera phones and attach them to emails.

I’ve seen on a few rare occasions people sending emails whereby the signature images appear as attachments. I’m pretty sure there’s no way GMail or any other email client can distinguish between signature attachments and regular attachments. If the signature images are correctly embedded into the email body, as is the case most of the time, they won’t get picked up when sent to QuickFile.

When you forward the email from Gmail, you should be able to see any attachments included just before you send, you will then be able to delete any of these manually.