Emailing estimate to a client and direct estimate preview


Can you confirm if it is possible to email an estimate which the customer can open without requiring a password?

I have emailed an estimate, which the customer is trying to open using an iPad and they require a username & password.

How do I find out what their username & password is? Can I remove it?


Yes you can, click here to see our support guide named ‘Why can’t I send an invoice as a PDF’ the process is the same when sending estimates:

The user shouldn’t be prompted to login, they should be taken directly to the estimate preview. What’s the estimate number?

The estimate number is 000004. The customer only has an iPad at present, but will have a MS computer early next week (not sure is this is relevant) but I can confirm I observed the problem on the iPad.


I’m not sure using an iPad would make any difference, it’s just following a hyperlink. I pulled a transcript of the email from the archive and the link worked fine for me. It may be something to do with the email client he’s using in the iPad, maybe it’s corrupting the link?

The customer will shortly have a new Windows 8 computer. I will send another test Estimate and report back later next week.


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