Emailing payment remittance to multiple contacts

I have a number of clients that require me to send payment remittance not just to one person for example one of the schools we work for require me to CC the Head, Office, Finance and the schools consultant. no currently i have to send the remittance to my self and then forward to all of these people which takes time. can we not have a menu that allows us either select multiple contacts with in a client or have an option to resend the payment by email from the view payment details screens.
this would save a lot of time fafing

you recently have the ability in emailing invoice which works why not apply this to the payment slips

Hi @mathump3

This hasn’t been mentioned previously.

As with all feature requests, we’ll leave this thread open for others to add their vote/comment to. If there’s an interest from the wider community, we’ll happily take a closer look into this.