Emailing Statement doesn't work

If I try to send an email statement nothing seems to happen if I click the “Send” button

Hello @drpeej

Would you be able to provide us with a few more details please?

For example, do you see an error message? Do you see a successful message but nothing is received by your client? Is it with any particular clients?

There is an issue that has been brought to our attention, although not related to the statements itself, it may have an effect. Do other pages and functions work all OK for you at the moment?

I have just found what the problem is. There was no email address associated with this client. Is there an obvious and easy way to see that this is the case. The web page didn’t tell me, it just failed to do anything.

I think what you’ve found is a bug :slight_smile:
I’ll log this with our development team, and you shouldn’t see an email option at all if there’s no email address on record.

I’ve updated this thread, and will keep you informed going forward.

Whats really needed is a direct link on this page to add contact details if they aren’t there

Thanks for the quick response. Great piece of software btw. So easy to use for a non-accountant like me

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