Emails getting Quarantined

All of our statement and invoices which are sent to clients with Office365 are getting quarantined.
It’s stating that the Quarantine Reason is: High Confidence Phish.
We send these through our own office365 using SMTP server settings in Quickfile.
I’ve checked and we can send emails directly from the accounts email address to the client without issue so it must be the content of the email.
Can you please help as this is crippling our ability to send invoices or collect money from our clients.

Hi bigfootnetworks,

If you have not yet created a app password could you read the article below, may it is of any help for you.


Thanks for the advice. It’s not that we can’t authenticate against Office365. It sends the emails out without issue.
Its the fact that our clients are receiving the emails and they are going into their junk folders.
I believe it’s related to the content of the email.
Quickfile Support?
Can I get some sort of response regarding this?

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Hi @bigfootnetworks

It’s worth running a spam checker test on it. Nothing has changed on our side, so it’s possible that something has changed externally (e.g. a spam filter).

Have you customised the emails at all or do you use the standard email template?

In regards to you emailing directly - what have you tried emailing? For example, is it an invoice link and details like a QuickFile email?

It’s not a spam filter issue.
It’s direct within office365 message trace we can see the item is being flagged as Phish.
We haven’t customised the emails. Only using standard template.
We can email links for estimate directly without issue.
I can email a statement link or invoice link from the accounts mailbox fine.
It appears to be related to the system generated emails within quickfile.

Sorry, by spam checker, I meant more of a general email checker. Something like But add the email address from there as a client contact, so it would test a typical email you would send to a client.

If you like we can run this on our side via your SMTP and see what comes back, and let you know the result via a PM?

Hi Matthew
How do I pm you?

I’ll send you a message byw. You should see a green notification i’n the top right corner shortly.

This has been going on since I first started using Quickfile 6 years ago so it’s unlikely to be something that has changed your end.

Send your own mail to that mail test service, it mainly marks content down as the issue, not the servers.

Hi @Lurch

Thanks for the reply.

Just to confirm that when we looked into the issue for @bigfootnetworks, it wasn’t the content that was causing an issue. We’re working with them privately to help them resolve this issue.

While content does play a part in the overall spam score, a test email from QuickFile to the mail-tester site scored 9.4/10 (0 being the worst).

If you are experiencing issues with emails, it’s worth giving it a go on the above site to see if anything is picked up.

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