Emils not appearing in Receipt Hub

Up until the end of Nov my receipts were getting to my receipt hub fine via email, now they are not getting there. Ive checked the settings etc and I cant see why they are not appearing, can an admin help ?

I had this happen once and it turned out gmail had started treating all email from my address as spam (the receipt hub is a gmail account and messages that are spam filtered don’t get picked up by the hub). Test this by sending an equivalent email to your own gmail account, and if it’s the same issue then there’s a form where you can notify gmail of their wrongly filtering you and it will get sorted eventually, though it can take a few weeks.

In the meantime you’ll have to send receipts from a different address or use Dropbox or Google Drive (search this forum for my Google Drive integration solution) instead of direct email.

Thanks Ian,

My email address is @live.co.uk would you advise still be applicable ? I don’t have any other issues with emails being filtered incorrectly and have sent emails to and from myself from my own address and my work address to test.


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