Employee Wage Deductions

One of our employees started the rent the flat in our property when we took over the lease. We agreed to a rental amount including utilities and I started raising monthly invoices for these (none yet paid). We have since agreed that the cost of the rent will be deducted from his pay slip, per our accountant’s advice.

At the moment I tag employee wages leaving our current account as Salaries, Employee Salaries. The issue I have at the moment is that whilst the employee in question is being waged, effectively they are not being paid any sum of money, so I have no transaction to tag and rent invoices that are sat unpaid, I don’t know how account for this situation on Quickfile.

Any help would be appreciated!

I’d set up a holding bank account for the rent money, create money out transactions in there for the “net pay” (which will leave the account overdrawn), then balance it back to zero by marking the rent invoices as paid into that same account.

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