Employees payslips/timesheets

Dear Glenn

How can I upload an attachement to employees salaries. The purchase and sales has an option to upload the bill/invoice and payment etc. but with employees I tag it to salary, but then it only gives me an option for notes. Can you advise me if I can upload under each payment of the employees salary their timesheet/payslip or do I have to create a purchase and payment in order to do that?

C Rapaport

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You can’t link this document to specific salary payments as attachments are not supported in this respect (only for purchase and sales invoices). You can however just upload it to the document management area, you could then in theory grab the link and save it in the bank transaction notes…Look for the small yellow speech bubble next to the relevant transaction on the bank statement view.

How do I keep track of wages that are outstanding for employees?

Quick File doesn’t include payroll funcationality, we would recommend you use a dedicated payroll application like The Payroll Site to manage this. The Payroll Site can also be linked into Quick File and will calculate all your taxes and allow you to submit your PAYE return to HMRC. Most importantly in your case it will track what you owe each member of staff.