Enabling access for support

Hi Glenn

I think this feature will be handy for QF users who want to limit access to QF support team too access their accounts.
I know another accounting software company that does not have automatic access to the data unless 'enable support button ’ is enabled. its a handy feature especially for users who take privacy and security seriously!

I also feel that this will be a feature affinity users would want to have…

Is this do-able?


Kind regards

I’m not sure what you’re proposing here? If you want to grant access to a 3rd party so they can access your account you just need to add them as team member. You can also pair down exactly what they can access by setting restrictions on the account (also in the team management area). Maybe I’m misunderstanding your question?

Hi Glenn

its about granting access to QF support team as a 3rd party to my data.
I have a client who has questioned this, and does not want anyone but his accountant to see his data.

We have in the past only looked at account data when assisting users with problems on the forum. Obviously we host the platform so it’s impossible not to see the data but we certainly don’t have any interest in doing so unless instructed. Yes we could add a permission flag but it would introduce a lot of friction and would probably aggravate most users and take double the amount of time to resolve simple issues. I don’t see us adding anything like this in the near term.

i totally understand Glenn, its just that some clients can be a bit difficult about these issues!

It’s a fear some individuals having moving to the cloud. It’s hard to alleviate that beyond the guarantees in our privacy policy. We could have a system to grant permission but it would be a bit farcical and would only give users the illusion that we can’t access the data. Of course we have no interest in poking through peoples accounts but we can only really assert this on trust.