Enchanced Ledger Reporting

Based on user feedback we’ve now enhanced the reporting on sales and purchases from within the nominal ledger view. Previously we would only show a line for each entry with a hyperlink that takes you into the actual invoice. Something like this:

Sales Invoice: Items for invoice #000001

Obviously this can result in a lot of clicking back and forth, so now we automatically write the top line description and supplier/client name into the notes. You can then use the new “Show all notes” check box (see red arrow) to expand all the inline notes, this we hope will simplify reconciliation.

Retrospective Data

These notes will only appear from 8th of November 2013 as this is when we changed the system to start recording the data. Older notes will probably be blank, if this presents a problem please let us know as we have a routine for going back and updating all retrospective notes.

Hope that helps!!


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