End of year accounts for a newbie and not tech savvy person


No idea where to start. I’ve not tagged anything.

I would like to send my account my end of years, in the most basic way, how and where do I start?



The starting point will be the profit and loss account which you will find in the reports section. We find this quite sufficient for completing the tax return (we aren’t VAT registered and don’t use QF to reconcile our bank account). Your accountant should advise you if he needs anything else.

Thank you for the help! I have tried this, and nothing seems to be pulling through for the dates I have selected. Any ideas?

Hi @Ruta_Balandyte

One thing worth checking is the dates you’re viewing. At the top of your report, you should have the option to see what date range it’s been generated for. Just adjust this to the period you wish to look at.

Any invoices (regardless of if they are tagged or not) would show up in the P&L report.

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