End of Year Accounts - Partnership (2 partners)

On 24 Nov 2014 I paid £299 plus VAT, as requested by Joe, for my year end accounting to be done (year end 31st May 2014) and have heard nothing since. I’ve been trying to contact Quickfile for the accounts to be completed since then and sent several emails to Joe and a private message but have had no reply.

I would be very grateful, therefore, if someone could now make contact and for this now to be progressed.

Many thanks

I am sorry David, I don’t work on the accounts department this is handled by a separate part of our company. I do however have regular contact with Joseph and I will ask him to respond to you today. Due to the volumes I believe they have been prioritising cases with imminent March 31st deadlines.

We frequently get a lot of people sign up with only a few days before their filing deadline and this puts a lot of pressure on the accounts dept. We are looking at ways to address this.

I will however ask him to contact you as a matter of urgency.

I too have paid for my accounts to be completed and have now received a set of accounts which I am told must be signed before CoP Friday 17 April 2015 to meet my filing deadline - filing deadline is 30 April 2015.

However, I need one small amendment to the statements before I can sign them off. I have tried emailing Joseph, but had no response. Who else can I contact to progress this before Friday 17 April 2015?

It would be much simpler and efficient if we could actually speak to someone on the phone in these situations.

Could someone get back to me within the next day to resolve this please.


@Gary_P, I apologise for the delay, I don’t deal with the accounts side directly it would need to go through Joseph. I have asked Joseph to look into this and get back to you today.