End of year reports

Hi There

we are trying to do our end of year, we actually wanted you guys to do it and hence used your system, but, it seems we have some end trails not carried over from last year to this and they are unbalanced so ended up going to our old one to try to get things straight for the next financial year.

That aside, we are running into a few problems, maybe its us?

A problem which is preventing us from creating (or rather making it much harder to create) detailed accounts.

We want to download the accounts data as a CSV but can only do so 1 page at a time. We would like to be able to download everything. Also there no descriptions on the download so we have to go back to the original invoice each time to find out what payment is for, which is a real drag on time and bad for analysis purposes.

Are we doing something wrong?

our accounts ref is ****411989


Hi Darren, is there any reason why you want to download everything? You can instead just grant access to your accountant so they can log in and retrieve any information they require.

Running a backup will give you a full set of CSV documents containing all historic records if you really need this.

thanks Glenn, i sent the backup set over and his reply is:

"Sorry but the files are not much use as it does not link back to the nominal accounts. Or trail balance. If we use this we have to rebuild the accounts from the analysis

I have attached an equivalent from sage of the csv and in excel files we normally have which I hope shows what we need more clearly and is very simple to use."


I’m not clear why your accountant is asking for the data to be supplied in a specific format? As I mentioned previously you can just grant access for your accountant to log in and obtain the information he needs.

I’m not clear on what he means by “does not link back to the nominal accounts”? CSV files are flat files they don’t contain any dynamic links?

Where did you attach the file?

Hi Glenn

can’t seem to get anywhere with the old accountant and QF. I am fairly sure there was something to enter from last year to make last year all tally up, I have asked our book keeper to confirm this and enter it if that is the case (I get confused, we have some 4 compaies and their end of years are all quite close).

Anyway, can you PM me a quote for doing our year end abbreviated accounts?