End of Year tool - not enough journal entries

Hi everyone! My company hasn’t traded in the last accounting period but I still need to submit a tax return and run the EoY tool. With no money coming in or going out, we end up with no journal entries. The tool now asks me to correct the entries and when I try to delete them, it says I need at least two lines. Choosing eg ‘general sales’ and ‘general purchases’ and set them both to 0 doesn’t work either. How do I close a year when there hasn’t been any movement at all?

If there’s nothing at all in your P&L for the year then I guess you could just change the account lock date manually without creating a year end journal. But presumably there must be a few expenses even if the company isn’t trading, like the fee from companies house to file your confirmation statement.

I managed to pay the confirmation statement fee after the end of the accounting period. :see_no_evil:

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