End paid subscription

I’m sure this must have been covered before. I have a paid subscription which is coming to an end and and my company will be made dormant but I need to continue recording possible expenses, albeit very low volume.

What happens to my account? Will everything still be available as now without payment? There will be very little activity going forward.

Thanks for any help but I’ve been unable to find a simple answer.

Hello @Nhaqueoi

QuickFile is free up to the first 1000 nominal postings in a rolling 12 month period then £60 +vat per year after that.

If your account is below this threshold (currently 899) when you correct subscription expires (18/08/23) you will revert to our free tier.

As you stated you will be processing very low volume it is less likely you will go over the threshold in future meaning no subscription is required.

Please remember to log in a couple of times a year to keep the account active.

Thank you for the very helpful and speedy response.

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