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I have categorised this as a bug but of course it may be something I have done wrong of course;-) I enter all purchases for our shop (incoming invoices) whether they be stock, consumables, staff wages, etc. For income I effectively create an invoice (outgoing) for the ‘public’ corresponding to the daily takings and make payments against that invoice either as card or cash.I discussed this set-up with you when I started and this is just for background. It allows me to report on card and cash income against purchases.

When I go to the dashboard I see that we owe a certain amount of money (in the red block) and these are purchases from suppliers that haven’t been paid yet (or have been paid but haven’t been logged as paid in the system). If I click this red area I get taken to ‘Purchase Management’ which shows the list of unpaid and outstanding invoices. On this I am used to seeing the invoices that I need to pay or need to check how they have been paid and update the system accordingly and today I have been doing quite a few updates (I am a little behind). I see some entries from some suppliers that I know I have just updated and when I click them to go to that Suppliers page I can see the ‘unpaid’ entries in the bar chart at the top right but they don’t show as unpaid in the table below. So… they are showing correctly in the table but are still not updated in the bar chart or in the Purchase Management summary.

I use the Purchase Management screen quite regularly so not having that update is a real issue. I don’t think the system is updating correctly or maybe there is a batch job that needs to run to do this? Its completely thrown me today…otherwise I love the system! I can PM specific Suppliers to look at as examples.

That doesn’t sound like a bug to me. The bar charts and corresponding table above shows the amount invoiced and the amount received in that particular month. You may receive funds in one month that relate to invoices in a previous month, so you may have received more than what you invoiced.

The balance just shows the amount unpaid on all invoices raised in that particular month. Do you have a specific invoice number you can give me so I can take a look?

It wasn’t the table above (associated with the bar chart) it was the table BELOW. I now realise that the table below is limited to only the last 5 entries for that supplier and that I have to go to ‘View/All Invoices’ to see a complete list for that supplier. So obvious but hadn’t noticed that before as we have only exceeded that number with some suppliers for this accounting period. Hence the unpaid invoices weren’t showing in the 5 entries but were showing in the total.

All solved now. Would it be useful to see the complete list by clicking a ‘View all’ on the header of that list rather like the ‘View all’ in the header of the banks in the Dashboard?

OK glad you sorted this! I agree there should be some header on that small table to indicate that only the 5 most recent invoices are visible, along with a link to view al invoices. I’ll have this looked at on Monday.

@Colin_Herbert we have just enhanced the list of recent invoices to clearly mark them us as “recent”. We’ve also added two links in the top right so you can quickly drill-down on all invoice for that particular client or all outstanding invoices.

That’s a great solution that helps me no end. What a brilliant piece of software and what outstanding support you offer. I find myself recommending Quick File to everyone I meet and actually enjoy doing the accounts now which is rather sad :wink: I think we will come to you at the end of the year for your accounting services. Many thanks again…truly appreciated.

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I’m glad we were able to help and we appreciate the recommendations, thank you.

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