Entering a credit note

I love quick file but the only thing i seem to have problems with is entering a supplier credit note - i have one now for one item that was returned on an invoice for several things - i.e. when i go to enter the credit note against the invoice QF wants to credit the full invoice instead of just part - what am i doing wrong

That’s just the default behaviour, you’re free to edit the credit note and change the line totals and add or remove lines as necessary before you save it.

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When I do it via enter a credit note when i go to save it asks me for the refund option and is looking for a bank refund - what i want to do is post a credit amount against an invoice to be used when the invoice is due for payment - but I do thank you for your help

If you manually credit an ad hoc credit note (i.e. by creating a purchase and entering negative values) it always prompts for a bank account to post against.

If you want to credit note but hold on account for use against a future invoice, you would need to actually apply a credit note against an existing paid invoice. So you would find that paid invoice and on the preview screen click on the “more options” menu and select the credit note option.