Entering a whole years accounts

Hi All

I want to enter a complete years accounts so that I can purchase the annual company accounts service. I have tried to import from my current package (Solar Accounts) but without much success. It would just be easier to import the bank statements and create everything from that to match what I have in Solar. My main question is, can the opening balances be adjusted after data has been entered, as that seems to be my stumbling point, between what should be entered and for the which date. We are Vat registered too, so not sure how to deal with that neither. I know you should start from a vat period, but I really need to enter a whole year at least, I pressume to use the annual accounts service.


Hi Laurie,

You can enter opening balances any time you like, there’s no need to configure these before ordering the year-end service as typically our accountant would obtain your last set of accounts to deduce this.

Rather than entering all the data from Solar accounts it may be possible for us to work with the trial balance from Solar accounts, providing it covers the accounting period for which you need to file.

Let me know if you require any further assistance.

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