Entering purchases after vat quarter has ended

I have been very lax in entering my purchase receipts, I have 3 quarters to enter. I have paid the estimated amount of vat that HMRC has requested each quarter but I now have to enter receiptes to get an accurate picture of vat owed (or not owed) I have a bunch of purchase receipts, do I have to sort them all in date order before I enter them into quickfile, or if I enter them in a random order (ensuring the purchase receipt date is entered correctly) will Quickfile automatically sort out each quarter’s vat return accurately?

As long as you enter all the dates correctly the entry order doesn’t matter.

Ok thanks for the reply, just for absolute clarity though. If I enter ALL my un-entered purchase receipts for the last 6 months in one batch. Can I then go into reports & create an accurate vat report, then submit it for each quarter - provided that I have input the correct receipt dates

Yes if you post the VAT returns in chronological orders starting with the earliest. It will report the figures up to each quarter end and lock everything down when you submit it. It’s very important to submit each return to QF, as it will then lock down the items and adjust the relevant nominal accounts.