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Entering supplier invoice paid by bonus credit

We use a supplier (a delivery company) that have issued a bonus credit to our account for using them so many times over a period of time. The bonus credit is not withdraw able and can only be used to pay for more services.

We now have VAT invoice from them for the full amount of the latest purchase. However, this was fully paid by the bonus credit so there is payment to tag to it as there would be normally.

Is there a correct way to enter this sort of thing in Quick File? Or should the invoice not be entered at all?

I have a similar thing with one of my suppliers where they give me a retrospective rebate each month based on the total value of my purchases that month. I treat the rebate as a zero-VAT credit note against one of that month’s invoices, holding the funds on account, and then use log payment → apply from credit to apply the funds to subsequent purchases.

Thanks, I will give it try.