Entries have become un tagged

Hello, I began using Quick file in April this year. I transferred over 3 months of bank statements April, May and June. All items were tagged and the pie chart was all green. I had the correct figures to be able to do my VAT Returns. I have since only just come back to quick file today (Oct) to find that some of the items have been untagged in April/May time. Why has this happened?
Please can someone kindly advise. Thank you

Those untagged items in April and May were imported this month (October). It looks like they came in from a CSV file.

So they never became untagged, they were just uploaded recently.

Thanks Glenn,

What is a CSV file, sorry I am not very clever with all this.

Would this mean that these items would not have been calculated in last months VAT returns and why would they not have come over when I transferred all the bank statements do you know.


A CSV file is a Comma Split Value file - can be used in Excel.

It may be where you’ve imported a bank statement or from another piece of software.

Thank you.

The funny thing is these un tagged transactions are not duplicates and are actually on my bank statements. Last month I double checked each transaction with my bank statement and it was all there and correct. Strange this has happened

In general it’s best to lock a period down to prevent any unwanted transaction appearing in there. You can lock an accounting period by either completing the year-end or manually locking from the account settings area.

If you upload a CSV file issued by the bank, it will only consider a duplicate to be an item that has an exact description, amount and date. If the description was different, as would be the case if you manually created those payments from the invoices it wouldn’t assume it was a duplicate so it would get added again.