Equipment Hire Business


I have just setup a quickfile account. I run an equipment hire business and wanted to know how to go about estimates and invoices.
As far as I can see, if I choose an Item based line, I will get cost and quantity, I would also like how many days the hire would be for. If I chose a time based line, I can change hour column to days, but I don’t get the quantity as the customer may want to hire more than 1 of the same items.
Also if I went with Item based invoice and used the quantity as the period of days, would I lose the items from the inventory as it may see it as being sold?

I run a sound and lighting company so this involves hiring equipment and also our engineer time.
Please Help!
Many Thanks, Andy

Use the notes to enter the details required:

You can also create inventory items to use on estimates and invoices as shown below:

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