Error emailing invoices?

Ive tried to email a test invoice and it hangs with the ‘cog’ wheel for a while and then gives me this error

We encountered a problem emailing this document: Email Send Error: One or more errors occurred.

You haven’t told us which of the two email options you are using.

I would guess that you are using SMTP and simply haven’t configured it correctly.

ah, thats probably the answer, i havent configured any email options?
i didnt see them anywhere, and from the instructions of sending your first invoice i didnt see them either.

it has now worked? i sent myself a test invoice, and sent my customer an invoice.
mine came through and im not aware of configuring any email settings?

so if there is 2 ways to send, what are the 2 ways?
do they both arrive from quickfile, or does one use my own email server if i input smtp settings?


Hi @adnw,

You are correct - one is sent from QuickFile the other way is sent through your own email server

seems to be working now which must be using the QF system

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