ERROR, Syntax Error - Unexpected String

I am trying to respond to a message from a customer within ‘My Messages’ in Quickfile and cannot send due to the message ERROR, Syntax Error - Unexpected String. I have tried to remove any odd characters but to no avail and am still unable to respond to the customer query. Any ideas what is creating this error please ? Cheers Mike

I did also have this issue on another account i have, at the time the error could not be re-produced, and seemed to only be linked to my account, it does need looking at though, i will login to my other account and try to send to the same client i had the issue sending to be fore and see if i still have the same problem, if so then this should help the engineers narrow down the issue.

i have just checked and i am unable to re-produce the error i previously got, although i do know it exists as i had requested support previously for it.

sorry i couldnt be of more help.

Let me send you a PM to get the message and we can go from there.

@mickrich did you get my PM? are you still experiencing a problem here? If there’s still an issue any additional info you can return to me (via the private message) would help us to resolve the problem.

PM ? …apologises I’ve not understood what is your PM

Private Message. If you click on the speech bubble at the top right of the screen, it should appear there. It would also show as a green mark there too.

Other than that, click your name in the top right, and your select ‘All’ under Messages on the left.

Hope that helps :wink:

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Hi Glen … Apologies for the delay in responding. Here is the text i used in the message which still would not send :-

Message Removed

Thank you for looking into this Glen - Mike

Thanks, I’m still not able to replicate this. I can paste this in as a response and it works fine. it may have been a temporary issue? if it’s persisting I’d need to get more information on the exact client and message you’re replying to. Best to send that on a private message if you can (as per @Parker1090 explanation), I will edit out the previous message in the interest of privacy.

Thanks Glen … I sent the message via normal email, but will let you know if I continue to have problems. Perhaps you are right and it was a temporary issue.

Thank you again for your response.


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