Estimate Bug

Hi, I think there is a bug with the estimates & invoices , when you create it and put prices in and then preview it the prices disappear and the quantity is show instead. Also happens in the client area.

Hi @charlotte

Without revealing anything confidential, are you able to provide some steps and screenshots of what you’re seeing please, and we’ll take a look into this?


Here is a screen shot of an invoice in modify mode and then once it is previewed, the one with quantity is the previewed invoice

Also where our payment terms normally sit at the bottom and are still in modify mode once previewed they dissapear

it seems to be displaying the same way as a delivery note if that helps

I’ve just taken a quick look for you.

You’re correct with what you said with the delivery note. If you click on the invoice gallery option (top left of the invoice preview), you’ll see that ‘delnotecustom’ has been selected. If you just change the template here, it will update the other invoices for you.

This may have been changed by accident, but that should fix it for you.

Doh, thank you!! Its fixed now.

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