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Estimate -> Convert to invoice (part invoiced) -> Follow up "Convert to invoice" (complete job/delivery)

With “Estimates” that have multiple lines there are occasions when the items are invoiced in stages. The first “Convert to invoice” is quite easy to send as this only involves removing the lines that are still awaiting completion. The estimate is flagged as “Converted” and the “Convert to invoice” button is no longer avaiable.

So, how to invoice for other items after the first conversion?

The workaround that faciltates the “Convert to invoice” becoming available again;

ESTIMATE More Options > Change Status > Covert to Draft > next…> Send > Flag estimate as sent

The above work flow recovers the “Convert to invoice” button for a follow up invoice but is a rather clumsy method when such circumstances are not that uncommon.

What about having a further button added to “More Options”?

Having the additional button in More Options -> Change Status -> Convert to invoice would be easier than the workaround method used at present.

The estimate flagging could be another method of keeping the “Convert to invoice” if there was a way to flag an estimate “Converted (Partly)” in a similar way that invoices partially paid are flagged “PARTIAL”.

I agree this would be a useful change.

Another easier workaround (assuming you knew beforehand) would be to create the invoice and leave it as draft then ‘create copy’ then remove the unwanted lines. The final invoice would be converting the original draft to an invoice.

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