Estimate to Invoice conversion in bulk

At the beginning of next year we have approx 350 odd invoices to send out to our contacts. My initial thoughts would be to set up an estimate for each one because as yet we do not know the final amount in addition the estimate does allow for entering a date. We can then convert to an invoice and collect the majority by direct debit.
Is there an easier way of dealing with this many invoices, a future date and collecting by DD?

It really depends on a lot of other variables, i.e. how the estimates/invoices will differ in each case? If it’s just a template then you may be able to make copies. How complex the invoices will be? I.e. multiline or single line. For single line invoices you could probably import all these on a spreadsheet.

This kind of bulk automation is what we developed the API for, but this will require some programming expertise.

Otherwise you may be able to use some of the bulk operations in the web app, really depends on quite a few things.

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